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I have mostly Curly Spirallys, with a few Curly Twirlys and a few Curly Kinkys thrown in.

My type of curls mixed together :) Curly Hair Classification System. Having more than one picture for each hair type helps.

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You can call my hair kinky, coily, curly.it’s mine.it’s me.and I love it. Enuf said!

Love this! The ABC's of Curly Hair http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/wavy-hair-type-2/abcs-of-curly-hair?utm_source=nc_newsletter_medium=email_campaign=20121127_general#

ABC's of Curly Hair

The ABC's of Curly Hair! Master the basics of curly hair care with this infographic showing the ABCs of Curly Hair. For curly hair freaks like me I really needed this ✊

When I'm too lazy, i just leave it down. Get compliments all the time, WTF.

curly hair problem - saving for Lucy.someday I know she'll complain about her curly hair! Strangers tell her it's amazing all the time.

Tbh. I don't follow this. I have a mixture of loose and tight curls and I wash my hair once a week.

Curly hair tip - Your curl type should dictate how often you shampoo! interesting, i think this is true because mine are tight and they start feeling reeaaallly dirty if i dont shampoo more than once a week!

100 conditioners and 1 shampoo. LOL

10 Rules Every Curly Girl Should Live By. Ditch That Shampoo Conditioner is the main staple of the Curly Girl Method. Author of Curly Girl: The Handbook, Lorraine Massey recommends ditching your shampoo or at least your sulfate shampoos. Opt for wash

Curly hair tip

Want to embrace your natural texture without frizz or breakage? Here are 17 wavy and curly hair hacks, tips and tricks you need to know now.