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I really need to get one of those driveway doorbells.

Funny pictures about No time to explain. Oh, and cool pics about No time to explain. Also, No time to explain.

Hello in there?

Get a Smell Fail funny picture from Dogs. You can get dozens of other funny pictures from Dogs. Here are some samples of funny words: smell, fail

He did that when he didn't get his treat

Doglemi lovely pet Pet Dog Cat Play Squeaky Squeaker Quack Sound Chew Treat Holder Ball Toy It's like a duck quacking when the ball is in movement, very funny. Put some of your pet's favorite snack inside and the dog will be attracted.

This would be something Id find my dog doing...LOL

Hahaha, my dog loved the peanut butter jar as a pup! She could fit her whole head in the jar. Now we give her peanut butter in her Kong.~❤~ True with my dog

Dancing in fun.  That is why Mr. Scruffy insist that he must dance.

Often the need to dance is greater than anything. Scruffy the dog needs to dance and nothing will stop him! A funny picture of a dog dancing.

Lovely dog.

This is hilarious. The vet said I wouldn't live to see Today I turned so I pooped on my vet's lawn. I'm wearing an octopus on my head because I can.

Tommy, Cheryl Jenny - no worries - Tibby and Chloe "got your back" if you need help with your homework :)

Homework & study skills

Funny pictures about How the dog ate my homework excuses start. Oh, and cool pics about How the dog ate my homework excuses start. Also, How the dog ate my homework excuses start.

.Sounds good to me!!

Funny pictures about Chef Dog. Oh, and cool pics about Chef Dog. Also, Chef Dog.

I don't mean to disturb you…

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Bulldog Hall of Shame

" I knock over the neighbor kids and hump them. I should be a registered sex offender " dog shaming>>>look at his face