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Uli Nana Pono Uli as ``Uli `a naSome of the priests and priestesses of old Hawaii referred to the goddess` na,'' ``The peaceful Flame of Serenity,''`The Serene Woman,'' ``The Lady of Peace,'' ``Goddess of Serenity,'' ``Goddess of Peace.'' Many called Uli ``Na Wahine o Na Lani,'' ``The Peaceful Lady,'' ``The Queen of Peace,'' ``The Serene Woman of the Tranquil Heavens.''

The Owl Totem - So much myth and legend surrounds the mighty Owl that it is impossible to list them all with any brevity. The Native Americans associate the Owl with magic, astral travel, and clairvoyance. They have the power to see what is unseen. Shaman, witches and sorcerers were very fond of the Owl as a totem and spiritual guide. Owls are said to be able to see through deception to the truth contained beneath the lies.

The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge (1968) by Carlos Castaneda - The 1st Book. 'For a sorcerer, reality, or the world we all know, is only a description that has been pounded into you from the moment you were born. - The reality of our day-to-day life, then, consists of an endless flow of perceptual interpretations which we have learned to make in common.' - Don Juan