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Japanese hand carved ivory figure depicting a man and child doing a ceremonial dance. Then man is holding drum mallets and the boy a folding fan. Signed to bottom. 18th/19th century.

: IVORY OKIMONO Meiji Period In the form of an old man playing with several children. A child seated on his shoulder is holding a pomander of flowers with long strings attached while the other two children vie for attention. Wonderful facial expressions. Signed "Ryuichi". Height 14.25" (36.19 cm).

A very large and fine ivory okimono of a fisherman and his child Meiji period (1868-1912) carved wood stand. Height 37 cm, 45.5 cm overall

A 19TH CENTURY JAPANESE MEIJI PERIOD IVORY OKIMONO depicting two geishas, the standing geisha holding aloft a young child. 7.25in high

A Large Ivory Okimono Figure of a Farmer and Children, The Man Standing And Holding A Rabbit In One Hand, A Boy On His Shoulders With A Basket Of Grapes With Another Boy At His Feet, On A Carved Wood Stand, By Ohara Mitsuhiro - Japanese c. Meiji Period (1868-1912)

LATE 19TH CENTURY JAPANESE MEIJI PERIOD IVORY OKIMONO carved with children, figures and monkey. Signed. Minor faults. 3.75ins high.

Fine bronze and ivory figure of an elderly gentleman with child on his shoulders and cockerel under his arm on a carved wooden, Japan, Meiji period

SHUNMITSUSEN GYOKUSHO (1868-1912) JAPANESE A SUPERB 19TH CENTURY JAPANESE MEIJI PERIOD TOKYO SCHOOL OKIMONO modelled as a monkey trainer wearing ornate robes, with monkeys seated upon his shoulder with one in a hanging basket by his side. Signed. 1ft 5ins high.