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Michele Oka Doner is a Miami-born artist residing in New York City. The underlying theme of her work is nature, spirituality, and human connectedness. One thing I admire is her versatility: she makes sculpture, jewelry, prints and functional objects, and

He seleccionado 5 patrones de nivel fácil para tejer en otoño y poder lucir o regalar prendas hechas a mano y con todo el amor durante los primeros fríos.

Express Pilates- 8 minute workout including moves we do every day at my Pilates studio here in Houston... http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/workout/pilates/exercises/8-minute-workout-pilates/

8-Minute Workout: Pilates for a Longer, Leaner Look Sit with legs extended, hands on floor, fingers pointing toward body. Lift hips off floor to bring body into a straight line. Raise left leg as high as you can without shifting hips. Hold for 3 seconds, then slowly lower leg to floor. Alternate sides.

Rutina con la que podrás lucir unos brazos torneados y tonificados. A entrenar para decir ¡Fuera Playera!

3. Harness the Hand-Mind Connection As a calming practice, he suggests immersing your hands in warm water (rubbing them briskly together also works in a pinch) to open up the blood vessels and trick your brain out of its stressful state. 5 Mini-Mindful Methods

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