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Reminding me to Apollo & Aurora :::: Original :Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825) The Courtship of Paris and Helen [detail: 1] Oil on canvas


Color Exploration: Paint it Plum!

Love that deep purple for the walls.

ladies fine portrait | ... Lauderdale by Angelica Kauffman (Museum of Fine Arts - Houston, Texas

Portrait of a Lady as Evelina, c. 1780-1789by John Hoppner

Charles Amable Lenoir - A Nymph In The Forest. Very John William Waterhouse style.

Detail of La Grande Odalisque Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingre; 29 August 1780 – 14 January 1867) was a French Neoclassical painter. Although he considered himself to be a painter of history in the tradition of Nicolas Poussin and Jacques-Louis David, by the end of his life it was Ingres's portraits, both painted and drawn, that were recognized as his greatest legacy.

Mary Robinson as Perdita by John Hoppner; I've always loved this painting - My favourite George's mistress :)

Bernat Martorell - Saint George Killing the Dragon, 1435 - Late Gothic Art

The Gothic Revival (also referred to as Victorian Gothic or Neo-Gothic) is an architectural movement that began in the late 1740s in England.