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PALAEOBLOG: Dakotaraptor steini, Giant Raptor From The Hell Creek Formation

Discovery of the Day: Fossil of a Four-Winged Dinosaur Unearthed. Discovery of the feathered dinosaur, dubbed Changyuraptor yangi ("great feather" in Chinese), adds to the roster of feathered raptor dinosaurs with hind wings found in northeastern China in the past two decades. It is the biggest one found so far, and the fifth such species.

Raptors by on @deviantART

Linheraptor exquisitus by Julio Lacerda. Is believed to be a basal dromaeosaurid, lived in China in the late Cretaceous. His most famous relative, of course, is the velociraptor.

25 Concept Art and Illustrations of Dinosaurs - so much dinosaur goodness! by Daren_Horley and others


Global Puzzle

Giant Ammonite

A Giant Bison in Ice Age exhibit from Cincinnati Museum Center

Sweet little baby Mussaurus from Argentina would have grown up to be a giant sauropodomorph.