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PALAEOBLOG: Dakotaraptor steini, Giant Raptor From The Hell Creek Formation

Linheraptor exquisitus by Julio Lacerda. Is believed to be a basal dromaeosaurid, lived in China in the late Cretaceous. His most famous relative, of course, is the velociraptor.

Deinonychus antirrhopus

Global Puzzle

Giant Ammonite - is this real? Amazing to see! #sacredgeometry

A Giant Bison in Ice Age exhibit from Cincinnati Museum Center

Sweet little baby Mussaurus from Argentina would have grown up to be a giant sauropodomorph.

The Cretaceous (Cenomanian) continental record of the Laje do Coringa flagstone (Alcântara Formation), Brazil, northeastern South America [2014] Highlights: • A summary of the Cretaceous flora and fauna of Alcântara Formation, Brazil.

Christian Kammerer on

Brachiosaurus au Museum fur Naturkunde, Berlin

Field Museum #1 / Chicago. "Sue"- FMNH PR 2081, one of the largest, most extensive and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex specimens.

When dinosaurs take over the world