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Fonte de Chasmosaurus belli, ROM 843, Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology. Dinosauria, Ornithischia, Neornithischia, Ceratopsia, Ceratopsidae, Ceratopsinae. Auteur : ceasol, 2008.

Chirostenotes (/ˌkaɪərɵˈstɛnɵtiːz/ ky-ro-sten-ə-teez; named from Greek 'narrow-handed') is a genus of oviraptorosaurian dinosaur from the late Cretaceous (about 75 million years ago) of Alberta, Canada. The type species is Chirostenotes pergracilis. Some researchers recognize a second species, C. elegans.

Pachyrhinosaurus Unlike its famous cousin, Triceratops, Pachyrhinosaurus did not have well developed horns over the nose and eyes. Instead, the horns spread across the top of the skull to form massive buttresses of bone. Found in Dinosaur Provincial Park, this Pachyrhinosaurus is significantly older than any other found, and may be a new species.

Astrodon, carrying away a raptor that bit off more than it could chew (Luis Rey) from 'Sauropods stomping thero-pods: a much neglected theme in Palaeo-art' 3/06/2011