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''Named the Coffee Bench and designed by Karolina Tylka, this design is made up of a metal frame which supports a series of identical wooden pieces, which can be set in one of two positions to create either seating or tables, to suit the users needs at different times.''

I like furniture to be practical and have multiple use s if possible. Sadly no-one has invented a couch with robot legs to carry you around. Yet....

Dodo is a cross between the traditional Japanese legless “Zaisu” chair and a modern western office chair. Floor level seating, upholstered and with hidden swivel function. The backrest is extended to function also as a working surface, the size of a laptop computer. A new typology of furniture.

@summitfurniture introduces 'L.A. MOD', a 60s-inspired, modular furniture system consisting of seating and surface elements. Created exclusively for Summit by Los Angeles-based designer Alwy Visschedyk, the range is designed for outdoor and interior areas alike. Using three core elements of two lounge chairs and one side table, multiple configurations can be created, reconfigured, and moved, giving any space a new function, or any new space, a configuration that fits.