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Ahhhh! Hi light of the night (besides those giant chocolate covered strawberries) was seeing my girl @donnadaily! Beauty fashion and lifestyle guru with so much soul.

Hammock. Strawberry margarita. Room with a ginormous view of the ocean. Enjoying the night before our guests arrive tomorrow.

Filled with soul much love at the @soul_camp reunion! Love getting to spend time with so many people I adore like my girl @nitikachopra.

Last night in paradise with my partner my friend my soul sister. Life is so good. Follow your dreams. Mine led me here.

I'd replace usually with always but yes. We innately know what we need to heal but often it's so hard to overcome the power of our conscious mind to do so. Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. If you're not used to doing that start small and build your way up. Your soul is infinitely brilliant.

You. Yes you! You are a magical beautiful soul deserving of someone that is going to treasure every second with you.

Made a pit stop between shoots and found a sweatshirt that spoke to my soul.

Riding around town enjoying my last kidless night in NJ before I leave for Cali! My girl Joy used to be my trainer but we realized we had more fun hanging outside of the gym.