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Peony Shop Holland

Tenuifolia (single) - Very Early Tenuifolia Specie, single, red, single red flowers of the true fern leaf peony used by hybridizers, clear crimson red cups, plant in full sun in well drained soil, grows naturally in the Ukraine and about the precipices on the borders of the Tanais the Volga and the Terek, very nice garden plant, it belongs to the dwarf group, (wild specie).

Tenuifolia Rubra Plena (double) - Very Early Tenuifolia Specie, red double, flowers, finely cut leaves, normal grower, very nice garden plant, (wild specie).

May Lilac - Early Hybrid, single, lavender, single flowering hybrid with many cup shaped flowers of a unique and very bright lavender color, the plant shows the large light green rounded foliage of its macrophylla parent making it a nice landscape contrast to the lactiflora peonies, (A.P. Saunders, 1950, USA).

Unique - Midseason Itoh Hybrid, single, red, single red flowers with much finer foliage than other itoh hybrids, fragrant, dark green foliage, excellent plant habit and very vigorous, (Anderson, 1999).

Peregrina - Very Early Botanical Specie, single, red, very bright red petals surrounding a center of illuminating yellow stamens, fresh looking foliage, stout stems and quite floriferous, P. peregrina natural habitat covers the areas of mainly The Balkan, the south of Romania and Central Turkey, She is also nicknamed 'The Red Peony of Constantinople', has been used for breeding with great result of many excellent hybrids.

Lord Kitchener - Early Lactiflora, Single red, intense bright maroon-red flowers, many flowers, one of the finest red singles, (Kelway 1929).

Nova - Very Early Hybrid, single, cream yellow flowers, fragrant, excellent garden plant, (Saunders, 1950).

Peony Shop Holland

Myron Branson - Early Lactiflora, Japanese, red, alluring, dark red full Japanese flower type with full staminode center puff of red and cream, (William Krekler, 1965, USA).