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This is Jenna she has no powers but loves flowers

Adopted by Mad Panda: This is Nicole she is She loves flowers, summer, clothes and loves to dance and sing!

This is 17 year old Crystal. Her sister is Lexi. She also does not have powers, but loves fashion! ~ADOPTED~

This is 17 year old Crystal. Her sister is Lexi. She has snow powers. she loves fashion!

11 Photoshopped Pics of Disney Princesses as Real Girls

These girls are from the Tennessee branch of the Disney adoption center. Cara (left) is loves everything. Candace (right) is her friend, is also 16 and loves.winter, summer and everything else. Please adopt. ADOPTED BY ME

This is Storm. She has powers that controll the weather. She is 16 and needs a family. ADOPTED

Name: Lillian Age: 12 Story: She just arrived here today. Tragically, her parents died during a car crash. Loves to read ,act, and needs a loving family. Up for adoption!

This is Kathleen. She is 15. She loves to ice skate and rollerblade and skateboard. She is sweet and energetic. Please adopt with her twin sister, Katie Anne.

Summer is a huge hipster. She loves school, and is really smart and popular. She loves to doodle. This sounds like me, except the hipster and maybe the popular part.

Charlotte Age:17 loves clothes and make-up. Got in to a early college and needs someone to stay with. Sisters with Nicole and, need to be adopted together. Please adopt!

This is Kiera she is 15 and loves fashion! She loves designing her one clothes and other clothes for her friends! She wants a small but loving family like she used to have. Adopted by: *Sparkly Unicorns*

Hilarious Photos of Disney Characters Caught Taking Selfies

23 Completely Hilarious Photos of Disney Characters Caught Taking Selfies

(Left to Right) Names: Maddi & Thalia. Ages: 15 & 16. Gender: Both Female. Likes: The color blue & flowers. Personality's: Kind, Caring & Loving. Siblings: Each other. [Daughters of KitKat 72] [Not up for adoption] [DO NOT REPIN]

This is Catalina and Andrea, ages 9 and They are sisters. Catalina has flower powers and Andrea has snow powers. Catalina likes roller skating and climbing trees while Andrea enjoys singing and playing the drums. They want to be adopted together.

This is Lily. She's 17, and she has the power to read minds. She likes YouTube and Tumblr, just any social media site really. She's a gamer, and she wants to make new video games, websites, and social media sites.

She is She is your average teenage girl. She loves social media, fashion, and Starbucks. She is very nice.