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Ansbach Residenz | Deckengemälde im Festsaal , allegorische Darstellung der "Guten ...

Residenzschloss Ansbach, Galerie

Ansbach Residenz | ansbach festsaal in der residenz die residenz ansbach war der ...

Ansbach Residenz | Ansbach, Festsaal der Residenz. Bild © Ansbach / TVF

Residenzschloss Ansbach originated from a medieval plant converted to 1400 to the moated castle. After several construction phases, from 1705 until 1738 the present form was created. Castle of Ansbach was the residence of the Margraves of Brandenburg-Ansbach. The interiors are decorated in the Rococo style and can be visited.

File:Residenz Ansbach Innenhof.JPG- Family history-Ansbach, Germany

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