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Still need those otps, but I send my support. Ah, I love Tumblr.

That's right.. the nerves of people you... you can't wait until you sees read wait for the ( .....) your iPhone lmao

Seriously. Get. Me. Out. What time can I pour my first glass? (Via @mommydearestinc) #scarymommy #momlife #imouttahere #realtalk #parenting

Omg but this literally happened with a couple in my seventh grade class where they died their hair blue together after dating for a week

40 Disney Humor Quotes

I always knew I was like Anna. Except I'm the same with my family as I am with

Haha. That is how I feel today! Hope you're have a wonderful day!!! Miss you and love you beautiful!!!!

I need to move from this city to see my favourite book store ;-;

*draws a cat eating a pancake* this is for you Gerard