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A column of U.S. troops from the 9th Armored Division (“Phantom”), an armored car of the headquarters company of the 9th Engineer Battalion, 9th or artillery battalion, moving on winter road. Time taken: 1945 Location: Western Europe

On 4 May 1945, the commanding general of the 11th Panzer Division, General Wendt Weitersheim, surrendered the bulk of his command to the US 90th Infantry Division at the Czech town of Vseruby. Accepting the surrender of the 11th Panzer Division was no easy task. The 11th Panzer surrendered over 9,000 soldiers and over a thousand assorted vehicles. Because many of the German vehicles were out of fuel, Halsey provided the Germans with fuel so that they could drive into the American lines.

In this photo: German Vehicles destroyed in a street of Avranches from Pattons 2nd Armored Division. June 9, 1944, D-Day + 3.

In Labor Service camp Waterloo, Amersfoort, The Netherlands, men are trained to use a wheelbarrow.

Members of the American 100th Infantry Division inspect a German flamethower or, flammenwerfer, in Butten, France

A Look Back At D-Day

6th June 1944: US troops travel the English Channel on a barge en route to Normandy, France for the D-Day Invasion, World War II. An American flag flies behind them. (Photo by Anthony Potter Collection/Getty Images)