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Hair color / long hair / pink / blue / black

❤Kawaii Love❤ ~im doing this to my hair but the blue will be black and the black white in the front

I love her hair so much

Echo is my older brother. i don't really talk to anyone but him. I'm single and pansexual. I'm a huge fangirl and I spend most of my time writing fanfiction and reading fanfiction.

Scene and emo hair

5 Ways to Style Scene Hair - wikiHow Ooh I'm REALLY in love with this hair! Wish I had that haircut and colour ♥ and nails!

Ok so if I had to color my hair what color should I get it?

Manic Panic hair dye color chart-first im gonna do streaks of ultra violet and hot hot pink, then for DC im gonna do electric banana electric lizard and atomic turquoise New rose and enchanted forest