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this is NOT a blog about losing weight; it's about getting fit, and staying fit.™ ------------------------------------------------ about us: we are two girls who just simply want to get fit. we aren't looking to lose weight, but to get in...

6 Tips To Help Keep The Pounds Off For the Long Run

I'm not like this, but I think it is good motivation for my friends that don't really like running. You run, slower than turtles, but you still run! At least you do it!! I believe in all you non runners!!! you can do it!!!!!!

Burn the belly fat! popular-stuff popular-stuff

Running slowing isn't a charachter flaw. Quitting is. I need to remember this more often.

Daily motivation (25 photos)

Running. Sometimes, legs feel like rocks. But rocks under pressure make diamonds. Running is power.

Already getting excited for The Alchemy Project team Half Marathon on June 13, 2015! #rocknsolerun

'Think you won't make a difference with one run? You won't make any difference doing nothing.' Motivation

Running Matters #154: Never, ever, ever judge a run by the first mile.

Running... running.... me running....