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I am laying here with my sore neck feeling sorry for myself because I am missing out on the Sandgate Sunset Run when our lovely neighbour dropped these over to say thank you for finding and returning their sunglasses. My neck might be sore but my mouth seems to be working just fine. Thank you so much, when we found them we had no idea they belonged to our neighbour and I explained to Ms 12 we must always do the right thing and hand things in if we find them. She will be stoked to see…

Deep Pocket Scarf. It's a REALLY cool idea!.. But I don't see me WRAPPING IT AROUND my neck. I think that it would feel like a (softer) choker chain.

Try Vivacious Hi-Lo Pullover by Tahki Stacy Charles:

Natural Alternatives to Botox - 5 Homemade Anti-wrinkle Skin Care Recipes

Regular application of these skin firming masks is highly beneficial to make your skin appear firm and tighter at home. NATURAL BOTOX Who needs Botox when bananas can do the trick? Mash up a medium-sized ripe banana along with some honey to make a paste. Apply this gently on your face and neck. Keep it on for 10-20 minutes before you wash it off with cold water to help rejuvenate wrinkled skin. VITAMIN C MASK Orange are loaded with vitamin C, use them in your beauty routine for a younger…

It's vital to be growing through your life rather than going through your life. The object is not to change other people or situations; it's to do the inner work they stimulate. -Wally Amos Friends, can I get an amen on that one!!