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Old Furry Stuff #1 - by RGibson The shirt on the right is a "Kitty Malone" shirt by the late artist John Spiedel, who was in Rowrbrazzle and Huzzah back in the day. The item on the left is a furry pin-up calender by Dan Flahive, who stopped producing art shortly after this came out. I've NEVER seen another copy of this. It has 6 pin-ups by Flahive, 1 by Bucky_boy and 6 by the late Michael-Scot McMurry.

from the Guardian

A cruelty-free angora rabbit fur trade may be incompatible with fast fashion

**[Footage shot secretly in China shows live rabbits tied by their front and back paws being plucked raw. Hair is ripped from their bodies to ensure fibers are as long and heavy as possible - the pain and shock of which causes the rabbits to scream. The rabbits are put back into cramped wire cages to grow their hair back ready for plucking again. After three years the rabbits have their throats cut.]

Fur Hags. 20 Celebrities Who Wear Fur (ignoring the agonising death of animals who are skinned alive to produce these "glamour" items !). Please consider using social media to tell these people and their sponsors that you will stop buying their music, labeled /sponsored products, movies etc. if morality does not work, perhaps economics will.

from The Japan Times

H&M stops making angora goods after video shows China rabbit torture

H&M (temporarily) stops making angora goods after a public outcry over a video showing how angora fur is harvested. In China, it is legal to pluck fur from live rabbits, and some think it makes for better fur.

China - Stop all cruelty on animals! Stop producing fur! Release all animals from your cruel captivity.

"General Grant" Jiggs - Animal Actor. Known as Petey, he was the ring-eyed pit bull terrier in the RKO film comedy series "Our Gang" a.k.a "The Little Rascals". During the "Our Gang" film glory years 1928 to 1938, Jiggs was in the prime of his life and died the same year that Hal Roach stopped producing the series and sold the rights to MGM.

Donald Trump's daughter and close advisor, Ivanka, sells rabbit fur in her clothing collections despite a recent investigation reportedly showing rabbits tortured and skinned alive on fur farms. Urge the Trump family to stop animal abuse.