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Tags: Scan, Official Art, Shin-Ei Animation, Kaitou Joker, Spade (Kaitou Joker), Joker (Kaitou Joker), Shadow Joker, Queen (Kaitou Joker), Hachi (Kaitou Joker), Roko (Kaitou Joker), Dark Eye (Kaitou Joker), Silver Heart (Kaitou Joker)

Kaitou Joker - #Manga Genre: #Adventure, #Comedy There are no items that can not be stolen by Joker, The Mysterious Thief. With his magic tricks, Joker go around the world, steal the treasure! No half-hearted, ranging from special agents to the most sophisticated equipment were deployed to subdue him. Is there anything can stop the exploits of The Mysterious Thief?!

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