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Two orphaned ostriches, Pea and Pod, were rescued by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Fund, a sanctuary that helps to raise and nurture orphaned baby elephants. The two birds have become an integral part of the nursery family there. These two entertain thee baby elephants who love to charge them, hug them, and "positively maul them with affection."

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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Baby orphaned Kangaroo plays at The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

Bébé kangourou

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Orphaned Baby Otter Rescued by Amazing Dog Walkers (PHOTOS)


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AMAZING: 25 Wonderful Parenting Moments in the Animal World That Went Viral

AMAZING: 25 Wonderful Parenting Moments in the Animal World That Went Viral ...You really need to open this the entire way to see all of them!

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17 Baby Elephants Learning How To Use Their Trunks

With a little help from Mom

Baby otter found crying alone in the surf rescued!

Africa | 'A Helping Hand ~ should it say trunk ' Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa.

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Community Post: 11 Wet Animals Are Adorable, Whether They Like It Or Not

The home page is a bit too hectic. There are too many images fighting for the viewer's attention and the color scheme is very vibrant. So much so that you can get a headache.

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80-Year-Old "Elephant Grandmother" Raised Rhinos, Buffalo, Gazelles And More In Her Backyard

Learn about Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick, founder of the esteemed David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Her amazing story is at the link.