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Motherly Ostriches Teach Baby Elephants How To Charge

Two orphaned ostriches, Pea and Pod, were rescued by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Fund, a sanctuary that helps to raise and nurture orphaned baby elephants. The two birds have become an integral part of the nursery family there. These two entertain thee baby elephants who love to charge them, hug them, and "positively maul them with affection."

Help Raise an Orphaned Moose - Help raise an orphaned moose and prepare it for its eventual release back into the wild! From $28.00

Orphaned Baby Elephants Emergency: You can help fundraise. Just $18 helps provide a day's worth of milk for an orphaned baby elephant in Zambia.

Baby orphaned Kangaroo plays at The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

Video has captured the heart warming moment an orphaned kangaroo joey is being very affectionate by hugging her handler at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, central Australia.

Our little woodland friends , who will steal your food from your campsite while you sleep!

Compassionate Ostrich Offers Comfort to Baby Elephants at Orphaned Animal Sanctuary

Compassionate Ostrich Offers Comfort to Baby Elephants at Orphaned Animal Sanctuary - My Modern Met

Orphaned Baby Otter Rescued by Amazing Dog Walkers (PHOTOS)

A father and son who were just walking their dog along a riverbank when they heard squeals from a small animal, according to The Daily Mail. What they found was adorable, but in desperate need of their help.

Stolen Cheetah Cubs Finally Feel Grass Beneath Their Fluffy Little Paws

Wild cats aren't meant to be collared. See these beautiful baby cheetahs romp outside at their new home on an animal sanctuary after being rescued from the exotic pet trade.

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