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Миктлан (ацтеки)

славянская мифология художница василина: 2 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Художник Игорь Ожиганов. Славянская мифология. Картинки для декупажа / Мастер-класс

Ereshkigal - Queen of the Great Earth Sumerian Goddess goddess of Irkalla (underworld), land of the dead, also called Irkalla. Ereshkigal was the only one who could pass judgment and give laws as ruler of Irkalla. Ishtar is her older sister in the Sumer, who became Inanna in Babylon. "The Descent of Inanna" . Inanna/Ishtar's trip

Bird Mother Slovanská mytológia - Sukhareva Maxim Славянская мифология - Сухарев Максим