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冬のビューティ&ヘルシー料理に参加中 - ジャガイモと豚肉のコンソメ煮

またまた、炊飯器で! 明日は、カレーにリメイク。 - 44件のもぐもぐ - ジャガイモと豚肉のコンソメ煮 by sono

The first cookbook from homesteaders and stars of Discovery’s Alaska: The Last Frontier Eivin and Eve Kilcher features appealing recipes for...

All The Planets, Aligned In One Beautiful Picture

Alignment is seen in the picture with slices of the different planets placed together in such away that it makes the basic shape of planets which is spherical.

Star Trek random facts…

Since nobody believed that the red shirt dying thing was only a thing for TOS. (and that one other movie thing)