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OH MY GOSH YES! Honestly, that was the first I noticed when I saw that video. Society these days... ;-;

from No Dog About It Blog

Little Lady Lost – Chasing the Wrong Things

So Glad I gave myself time to just 'stop' & 'relax'..... and waited for you to come into my life David. Everything that you are is exactly what makes me wanted to appreciate who I was created to be. This world can change but my dream/prayer to have someone like you in my life someday came true when I stoped chasing those who did not match up. Thank you GOD!

I don't feel differently about us. I do admit that I'm shutting down a bit. I'm trying so hard to maintain but I'm so exhausted never knowing where things stand or what's going to happen. You?

Drawing is hard

Drawing is hard

I can't believe I had to see this with my own eyes

My brothers room caught on fire and the smoke alarm went off but everyone just thought that it was glitching and it took us 5 mins to realize there was an actual fire ._.

Draw the squad/draw your otp If you use this please tag me, randumbdaze :) edit: Hey y’all, I’ve caught some drawings using this base that have been uncredited as my base. That’s kind of uncool. I specifically asked y’all to tag me when you used it,...

*Cough* Percy Jackson *cough cough*

Some random guy just walked into my apt stopped and said "fuck I did it again"