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The change in relations between the U.S. and Cuba could lead to a tremendous increase in trade between the two countries. That could prove a great benefit to Georgia agriculture, as Kenny Burgamy explains .

The contributions of agriculture to the culture and economy of Georgia were in the spotlight recently, as Ag Awareness Day was celebrated in Atlanta. The Monitor’s Kenny Burgamy explains.

The Bentley family of Wilkes County, Georgia runs A&J Dairy, which has been in business since 1979. It’s a true family operation, as the Monitor’s Kenny Burgamy explains.

Hawthorne Farms in Mitchell County, Georgia is a third-generation row crop operation. Lately, though, the farm has seen success coming from a new source – grapes. The Monitor’s Kenny Burgamy explains.

Georgia ag producers are using online technology to keep consumers informed, and in some cases, to promote agritourism. For many, it’s gone from a hobby to a necessary marketing tool. The Monitor’s Kenny Burgamy explains.

If you spend much time outside in Georgia, you’ve come across fire ant mounds. These stinging pests will take up residence in yards, gardens, and pastures, and their attacks can be painful and often deadly. But they can be controlled, and they can even have some beneficial effects. Kenny Burgamy explains.

Summertime in Georgia means the possibility of strong thunderstorms. Farmers and others who work outside need to be cautious of the danger that severe weather can bring. Kenny Burgamy explains.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service is assisting some producers of fruits and vegetables with a unique incentive. The agency is helping with the construction of high tunnel hoophouses. The Monitor’s Kenny Burgamy explains.

While many people still shop the traditional way at farmers markets, the relatively new concept of online farmers markets is gaining popularity. The Monitor’s Kenny Burgamy visits with one of the farmers behind a growing online farmers market in Northeast Georgia.

Producers have spent the past few weeks harvesting row crops across the state. Conditions vary by location and from crop to crop, but soybean growers say their yields have been very good. The Monitor’s Kenny Burgamy takes a look at the harvest in Southwest Georgia,