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The Local Vendors Coalition, or LVC, works to match up small local farmers with markets for their products. The Monitor’s Ray D’Alessio introduces us to the Coalition’s founder and shows how the program benefits producers, retailers and consumers.

June is National Dairy Month and as the public is encouraged to consume more milk and other healthy dairy products, the Monitor’s Mark Wildman is highlighting an alternative way for farmers to produce milk. He visited one farm that is using a management strategy that is new to America but very common in New Zealand.

The aquaculture industry in Georgia might not be the most prominent sector of the state's agriculture industry, but it's still an important one. Recently, the Monitor's Mark Wildman visited with one researcher who works to support and help grow the state's fishing industry.

More and more, people are raising goats to supplement their income. The Monitor’s Kenny Burgamy recently spoke with a UGA Extension agent and a West Georgia goat producer, both of who are advocates for the benefits of goat ownership.

What happens to racehorses once their careers are over? In Rockdale County, there’s one place where they can live a life of luxury, and find a new purpose. Ray D’Alessio explains.

Georgia’s Mobile Dairy Classroom travels thousands of miles each year teaching kids where milk comes from. The Monitor’s Ray D’Alessio caught up with it in Carrollton, recently, to see it in action.

Tucked away in the mountains of North Georgia, near Cleveland, is the North Georgia Zoo. From fainting goats to pot belly pigs, and kangaroos to wolves, the Zoo is a hands-on experience for the whole family. The Monitor’s Ray D’Alessio couldn’t resist the chance to visit, and he has this story.

Farmers, and ultimately consumers, depend a great deal on honeybees. In fact, farmers contract with local apiaries to supply them with hives and bees to make sure their crops have enough bees for pollination. Recently, The Monitor's Mark Wildman visited with one Georgia apiary to see just how the bee population is doing.

Georgia ag producers are using online technology to keep consumers informed, and in some cases, to promote agritourism. For many, it’s gone from a hobby to a necessary marketing tool. The Monitor’s Kenny Burgamy explains.

It's wheat harvest season in Georgia, and farmers are hard at work bringing in the crop. And one Middle Georgia farm family is using that fresh wheat to produce delicious and healthy baking products. Damon Jones has the story.