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White Blossom Green

This organic Chinese Green tea is sometimes called White Monkey. Well-defined long leaves with white downy tips.

Idulgashinna Ceylon Green, Org/ FT

A balanced cup for all green tea drinkers - not too vegetal, not too fruity. Well-manufactured with a good leaf style from the Uva region in Sri Lanka.

Ten Treasures

We've taken two types of Green leaf, one from China, one from Japan and blended them with cherry and passionfruit flavor. Then added some safflowers for color.

Earl Grey Imperial - Org/Fair Trade

A medium-strength Earl Grey that can be enjoyed without milk. The organic Darjeeling tea lightens the liquor but still retains all the taste of bergamot.

Doomur Dullung Estate

A hearty, malty Assam with an abundance of tips from the eastern part of Assam. Smooth finish, a great cup!

Jasmine Basic

China green scented with Jasmine blossoms. Notice the long leaves with some white tips, interspersed with Jasmine flowers. This is Grade scented at origin, n

Earl Grey Creme

Elegant long leaf black tea with blue flowers, bergamot and a hint of vanilla cream flavoring. Elegant and fragrant.

Makaibari Silver Tips 2015

This is a mid-year Silver Tips, lot # DJ - long leaves with a nice curl, interspersed wi