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A REAL AMERICAN HERO. The 1 line NEITHER MOVIE put in their titles. WTC! !!


Summing Up High School

This is why I am so glad I was homeschooled. The Current Educational System

Patriots Who Dare... Join our fight to save America! Click Here #BB4SP

Route 66 signage. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but id love to travel the old Route 66, and see all these iconic attractions

On the Oregon Trail, heading west to the “land of promise.” This photographer is unknown, but it was pioneers like these who, starting in 1841, crossed the Nebraska plains. – Courtesy Nebraska State Historical Society RG. 3371 –

The Maned Wolf! So fox-like. So beautiful. ...So TALL!! The largest canid in South America, and the tallest canid on Earth, the Maned Wolf (not a wolf at all, but rather the last remaining species of an extinct genus of canids) lives mostly in open grasslands (scientists speculate that this might be why this dog has evolved to be so bizarrely tall). Oh, and did I mention that they have an absolutely *terrifying*, prehistoric sounding roar-bark?…

from Hemmings Motor News

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1956 Studebaker President

1956 Studebaker President years ago my Daddy had a Studebaker. Loved that old car!

When you're finally old enough to vote but you have to choose between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton