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diagnosedartistic: Some Bioshock guys, trying out

sekoshi: mateshit: amazinglyartisticadvice: The head, at various angles, in perspective. BEAUTIFUL REFERENCE Omg we use this in my figu...

The Deer of Night Vale And OH MY SMILING GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO PINNED THIS. THE FACT THAT YOU APPRECIATE MY ART WORK MAKES ME FEEL HAPPY IN MY HEART. ALSO I am now taking drawing requests for the deer of Night Vale. Comment on this pin saying how many heads, ears, tails, legs you want your deer to have. Max amount of heads: 2 Max amount of ears per head: 4 Max amount of legs: 7 Max amount of tails: 3

halfelf558: “ Starfall. Ye, I know this isn’t exactly how it happened in the book, but I had this image in my head when reading the scene and had to paint it. I was going to add Rhys’s wings but they didn’t want to co-operate. On the plus side,...

Hey friends! Here’s a current work in Progress of Milotic ✨ Btw, I just made a YouTube channel. I start posting some time lapse videos of my drawings! Don’t forget to head over to my channel and Subscribe ________ Connect with me ↓ ‣ Youtube •...

Joseph Loughborough drawing- most of his work is pretty dark for my taste but I was drawn to this one. A character on the verge of... inspirataional for use in relaying a turn in plot, a change of mind, about to do something drastic, etc. This is haunting and yet while it is a bit disturbing, the idea of an open top head with frenetic lines could be used to good effect for a character in a fairy tale

Head Hunters Sight Word Game Each student gets a card with a sight word to stick on their head, the students roamed around the room reading sight words. They drew a line from their peer's name to the sight word they read off their peer's forehead.

THE HOLLOW VS. ROUND FRAME- yep...definitely need to work with my horse on this! He looks exactly like the top picture:(