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Rare, Powerful Photos from September 11, 2001

Seconds before South Tower Strike. Please follow the link to this photo for more stories and photos not published in the news due to the sheer devastation of what they depicted. I will never forget 9-11-2001. Just like I will never forget 11-22-1963 or the Viet Nam War. But 911 was WAR on the very land where I live. Oh my, I could write a book on the history I have witnessed.

FDNY september 11, 2001, 9/11, firefighters, heroes, photo b/w, history, never forget, the day the world changed.

First look at 9/11 Memorial Museum - Photos - First look inside the 9/11 Memorial Museum

The "Survivors' Stairway," a key escape route for the hundreds of people fleeing the World Trade Center during the time of the attacks, is among the artifacts on display. #911Memorial