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Lord beerus separates baby Goku from child Vegeta - Visit now for 3D Dragon Ball Z shirts now on sale!

Baby Goku, Kid Vegeta and Bills. so cute how they portray vegeta all worried that goku will anger bills. then hodling/sheilding/protectivly holding him lol

Dragon Ball Z Akira Toriyama art

Lol love how baby trunks just casually hangs out the window hehe

9 Super Cute Kids in Dragon Ball Z Cosplay: Totally Adorable Baby Cosplaying as Krillin from Dragon Ball Z!

All About the New Dragon Ball Anime Series

Goku Dragon Ball Z Baby Onesie Bodysuit by GoGetYourGeekOn on Etsy, $15.00

Goku Dragon Ball Z Baby Onesie Bodysuit

Mother And Son Make A Great Bulma And Baby Trunks From Dragon Ball Z

So I had a baby! He is six months old now, and a great age for Baby Trunks cosplay! This shoot and cosplay of Bulma and Baby Trunks is from . Cosplay: Baby Trunks and Bulma Cosplay