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Seamless Halloween pattern. Halloween bats. Hand drawn holiday symbols. Isolated…

As scientific understanding has grown, so our world has become dehumanized. Man feels himself isolated in the cosmos, because he is no longe...


Fire, water, soil and air

I love air in this one

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Cardinals symbolize that even when things appear bleak or isolated, there is always the presence of beauty, hope, and love.

Postcard 1910s--Gutenberg's basic formula for printing in oil paint-based inks lasted for 400 yrs, until 19th C. chemists' inventions in Germany brought brighter, non-fading options(world leader/exporter until WWII Era) & slightly later, the U.S.-- forced to develop its own new techniques & products, while isolated by 2 wars w/ Germany.

40 Vector Shield Shapes -
from GraphicRiver

40 Vector Shield Shapes

40 Vector Shield Shapes -