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The depth of your originality is surpassed only by the consistency of your mediocrity.

Your mouth seems to be in competition with your rear end to see which can generate the most crap.

My tolerance is as consistent As your stupidity permits

Sometimes the best part of my day is when I arrive at work and discover who has called in sick.

According to my calculations, your ass would greatly benefit from a direct encounter with my foot.

Listening to you makes me oddly envious of deaf people.

Today I was in the mood to read a really well-crafted work of fiction. So I logged on to your Linkedin profile.

Dear Lord... Please give me the strength not to tell the assholes I work with what I really think of them. Amen.

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"Human Resources Director" is a title given to someone who can't do your job but gets paid to tell you how badly you're doing it.