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Abe Reles

Murder Incorporated mugshots and crime scene photos

John Scalise (1900 - May 7, 1929) Organized crime figure & with Albert Anselmi, one of Chicago Outfit's most successful hitmen. He & Anselmi were suspects in 1924 murder of Dean O'Banion, boss of Chicago's North Side Gang. They were acquitted. Arrested in St. Valentine's Day Massacre case, they were let go. In early morning hours of May 8, 1929, bodies of Scalise, Anselmi, & Joseph Giunta were discovered on a lonely road near Hammond, Indiana. All three had been severely beaten & shot to…

John Scalise – May was an American organized crime figure of the early century and was one of the Chicago Outfit's most successful hitmen in Prohibition-era Chicago.

Abe Reles and Buggsy Goldstein

Murder, Inc. were a band of ruthless killers from Brooklyn who were retained to conduct contract killings for the top echelons of organized crime throughout the United States in the and

Abe Reles was a natural born killer. He was a violent and unpredictable man and an early member of the charmingly named Murder, Inc. This was a notorious “enforcement arm” of the American and Jewish Mafia believed to have killed up to 1,000 people during the 1930s and ‘40s.

Abe "Kid Twist" Reles - One of the better-known men who worked for Murder Inc. was Abe "Kid Twist" Reles. Gaining entry into mob dealings by way of racketeering and slot machine monopolies,

Mobster - Big Jim Colosimo - YouTube

James "Big Jim" Colosimo (born Giacomo Colosimo) was an Italian-American mob crime boss who built a criminal empire in Chicago based on prostitution, gamblin.

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