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The Empire State The Empire State. The city that never sleeps. I like this photograph. What an amazing configuration. So many buildings, and yet it seems very proportionately balanced, would you agree?

Empire State Building Inspiring views abound from atop the repurposed railway, a wonderfully renovated, aerial greenway, called the High Line Park in New York City. The 103 story Empire State Building is pictured in the distance.

The Standoff To me, this is a fascinating photograph. One of my favorites, taken in New York City, while I was attending the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Look closely, there is a wide variety of activity, from the boys in the foreground, to the "standoff" stare down between the nun and the leprechaun, and more. Enjoy!

Boating in New York City New York City has a hectic reputation as the city that never sleeps, but the owners of these beautiful boats know all about the peaceful life on the water.

The Statue of Liberty can be seen beyond a United States Coast Guard Cutter, standing ready to serve and protect. The Coast Guard's motto is Semper Paratus, meaning "Always Ready".

Manhattan Living A glimpse of life in the the big apple. High rise Manhattan apartment life with a waterfront view across the Harlem River in New York City.

NYC Industrial Bridge An old bridge and tower creates an interesting industrial image, not normally associated with New York City.

Radio City at 49th Street A typical day in New York City, as a sea of humanity moves along Radio City at 49th street.

Three Bridges A trio of bridges in New York City. The Washington (foreground), Alexander Hamilton (middle), and High (last) Bridges create an interesting image, whose arches echo and invite the viewer further down the river toward the city.