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How to Dye Fabric Black Naturally - Natural Black Fabric Dyes -Covering rusty iron nails with vinegar will produce a chemical reaction that produces a black dye. Simply fill a non-reactive tub with the nail and vinegar. When ready to dye, remove the nails using a strainer. Other iron hardware - such as hinges, fence parts - can also produce the same reaction. Once the fabric has reach the color desired, the black dye must be set into the fabric using alum to make it permanent.

5 Ways to Reduce Sugar Cravings Naturally - Natural ways to reduce sugar cravings and tips for what to do if you can't eliminate the sugar craving.

Here are Top 10 antiviral herbs to boost your immune system and fight infection - Dr. Axe #health #holistic #natural

10 Most Fascinating Natural Phenomena (amazing nature, natural scences, amazing nature pictures) - ODDEE

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