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Luna reacting with 'behold the power of my caps lock', 'traditional canterlot voice', 'luna eclipsed', 'princess luna', 'caps lock', 'animated' and 'caption'

Triggering the Solar Eclipse by on @deviantART from the artist: "This is a fanart of Celestia and Luna in their younger years when Celestia tries to reason with Luna as she unwillingly becomes Nightmare Moon."

Queen Galaxia, mother of celestia and luna by on @deviantART

Luna Eclipse- is this where Krista got this from? I thought she was just misunderstanding me pronouncing Lunar Eclipse when i tried to show one to her!

HEADCANON ACCEPTED. She probably is the stronger of the two sisters, anyway. Why else would she be the brooding protector figure?

from My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki

Princess Luna

MLP. Princess Luna Fan Art. Uploaded by SUNSET SHIMMER.

princess luna my little pony | Princess Luna - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Photo (26234392 ...

Rainbowfied Princess Luna by on @deviantART