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After 3 Years of Silence, Autistic Girl Finally Makes One Simple Request

After 3 years of silence, autistic 5-year-old Coco Bradford shocked her mother by saying, “I want more toast please” in a moment Rachel Bradford calls magical.

10 tips to teach you how to be a better mom

Whether you're the mom of babies, preschoolers, tweens, or teenagers, you will love this list of parenting tips to teach you how to be a better mom. They are simple, easy, and make for great inspiration if you're looking New Years resolution ideas!

Teens Are Using Secret Hashtags to Share Dangerous Habits

(Reuters Health) - Rule-breaking may be just as irresistible to teenagers today as it was in their parents’ day, but a new study of secret social media hashtags like #selfharmmm suggests that new technology is helping kids share dangerous behaviors more easily than ever before.

Dad's Superhero Effort to Save Kids From Raging Fire

Carlos Pettigrew was in a parent-teacher conference on Wednesday when he got a call from his 13-year-old daughter telling him their Maryland house had caught fire. Corbin Pettigrew called her father from a neighbor’s house to tell him the news, but the phone died before she could assure him that she

5 Awesome male role models for our sons

With all the overwhelmingly toxic representations of masculinity out there, who can young boys look to for positive male role models?

Christian Art Prints / Nursery Wall Art / Children are the MOST Important Work / Mother's Day Gift Ideas / John Trainer, MD / THW062

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work. Bask in those moments when you can't get anything done. It's the only time your child will be this age and it's a blessing and honor to experience and witness.

Parents Speak Out a Year After Dad ‘Chose’ Son With Down Syndrome Over Wife

A year ago Samuel Forrest’s life abruptly changed forever. In the span of just a few days he gained a son, began divorce proceedings with his wife and found himself the focus of a lot of media attention.

Random acts of kindness. Last year the man behind me at Byerly's paid for my Christmas grocery trip. I completely bawled. We've been paying it forward all year, but I'd like to especially emphasize RAOK during Advent.

Homeless Family Fighting for Custody of Kids

Fresh off of the high of receiving a $12,000 windfall of public support, homeless parents Angelique Roland, 27, and Michael Jones, 54, were hit with a heartbreaking low: losing custody of their two young children. The family’s gut-wrenching saga began Friday night, when the Philadelphia couple’s 2-year-old

The Family Photo You Can’t Prepare For

This photograph means the world to me. This photograph is the first, the last and the only family photo that we have. It can never be replicated, and those emotions we depict can never be truly explained. Our son, Sebastian, is pictured with us.