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Prison companies have an airtight business plan: Sign contracts with states obliging them to fill prison beds.

#Interactive #map of US state #prison populations - Roll over a state to see statistics. Click on a state to lock data into the display. Then, click "compare states" to view side by side with national data or another state | Sentencing Project

What is a desert? Food deserts because big business doesn't waste money building supermarkets in poor or rural areas. Not enough customers !

Gerald D. Kinnunen, Module 2, Hispanic Pin 1 of 5, Where the Majority of Immigrants in Your State Come From, Besides Mexico - PolicyMic

50% of America's Prison Population Jailed through the War on Drugs [follow this link to find a short video and analysis exploring the social history of the war on drugs:] Source:

ACTIVITY: The World of 100 Scripted game to teach students about inequality. Needs to be adapted to college level.