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Miguelito 님의 트위터 계정: "This is just to show someone something. ignore this."

Because he dislikes killing, but knows that those he kills are truly a menace to society or something. What if he doesn't judge these people himself, but instead receives these contracts by someone he trusts to judge their character? And, what if one day, this trust fails?

Valentine's Day Writing Activity and Craft

The Sweetest Thing- perfect writing activity for Valentine's Day- students write about something sweet they've done for someone else, then publish on a kiss or heart.

mansi: i have this headcanon that will has a really nice natural smile but the moment someone asks him to smile on purpose for a photo or something, he can not smile right | art by cherryandsisters

Amazing Examples of Pebble Art

"How cute is this adorable pebble art? Something fun you can make with the kids while you're outside for a few minutes (seems like I am always waiting for someone, and you can let the kids look around for sticks and rocks - they will get a kick out of making this)."


This game is so good. I can't imagine going through something with that someone who means quite a lot.

Each girl took a turn being blindfolded and each girl had to draw something about the birthday girl. So someone was assigned to draw her head, another her eyes, etc.

It's okay to get something permanently etched into your skin just because it's pretty and you like it.