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Party Ideas balloons, ferns and pineapples for this tropical Miami Vice themed birthday party

Grow more tomatoes with Epsom salts. Use 1 tsp Epsom Salt in 4 cups warm water. - Spray on plant & then again in 10 Days. - Produces more fruit due to boost of magnesium. Especially good for tomatoes, peppers and roses

Squash squash squash !!!

Squash squash squash !!!

Frozen and canned produce is good, but sometimes fresh produce off-season is better. Discover how to use Fresh Storage to enjoy fresh produce year round.

How to Store Fresh Produce for Winter

Preserve your produce for the long winter ahead with the help of 104 Homestead. Their guide features it all, from potatoes and beets to cabbage and turnips.

Top 50 Pinterest Gallery 2014 | Interior Design Styles and Color Schemes for Home Decorating | HGTV

Top 50 Pinterest Gallery 2014

Tutorial, garden fairy wand


Garden Fairy Wands by cdawisconsin--uses Pandora-style beads (glass or plastic), threaded rod, nuts (as in bolts), cabinet pulls.