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Baby Musk Oxen Are Surprisingly Adorable

My name is Bryan, I'm a straight 40 something vet. I'm a Barber, a photographer an explorer a dreamer a sinner and a saint. I'm a lover of tattoos, gadgets of all kinds, pop culture, food and more tattoo's. This blog is a work in progress just like me!

Highland Wildlife Park's’s female Musk-ox, Karin, has given birth to the Zoo's first ever Musk-Ox calf. Born on Wednesday May 15th, little Belle has spent her first few weeks of life off-show with mom, but has now started to venture out into her outdoor enclosure.


When a baby is born, a human spends 24 hours with them for quite a while...just to domesticate them. They sleep with them, and eat with them (not the same food, of course). <smile>