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Cryptologist and Mathematician Susan Fletcher breaks a mysterious CODE revealing a powerful secret that if released would debilitate U.S. intelligence; by the fact itself (ipso facto) the NSA is being held hostage—not by guns or bombs, but by the CRYPTIC MESSAGE protected by SUSAN.

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Digital Fortress - Dan Brown [A Weekly Geek Style Review

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. I really like Dan Brown's books! His writing draws me in, grabs my attention, and carries me along at break neck speed! And I love it when the ending of a book surprises me, as this one did!

Digital Fortress: A Thriller By: Dan Brown

3x4 Faves of the trip photo: Click to add description3x4inch journal card for Project life or traditional scrapbooking! All logos/clipart belong to Disney. This card is **Personal use only - NOT for sale/resale/profit** If you wish to use this on a blog/webpage please use the code under Image Links and link back to here - please do not just take the original image. Enjoy and thanks for looking! This photo was uploaded by jnmanderson

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QR Code 3 Digit Subtraction with Regrouping

This cute robot themed subtraction activity with QR codes will motivate and excite your students. There are 16 three digit subtraction (with regrouping) task cards and a recording sheet. Each task card includes a QR code so students can check their answers. The recording sheets have room for students to write the problem and show their work. When scanned with a device equipped with a QR code reader app, the QR code will reveal the answer to each problem.

from Peppy Zesty Teacherista

Classroom Reveal

New lunch count idea. Instead, have 1 basket for Absent, Choice A, Choice B (veggie), or Lunch from Home

Help solve the Mystery of the Missing Dewey Decimal Numbers! Students find the Dewey Decimal QR Code Card (sold separately) that matches each subject /picture on the activity sheet. Then they use their QR code reader/scanner to reveal the cards Dewey Decimal number and write the missing digit in the activity sheet boxes.

Kids design their own video games—with physical blocks on the game board. Then the app brings their creations to life on the scre