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I've had an interest in wolves when I was like 5 or 6 (had an obsession with 'Balto' and 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'). I really like this picture because it remains me of my inner wolf :) This picture is for all of you wolf lovers!!!

Flipped this photo of the Eiffel Tower because the water in the reflection looked like an oil painting - Instagram @kev.wolf

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I love how the use of lines and texture can completely change the way you view a picture. They really change the way you see art.

The look on my face when Blanche told me her husband shot himself and she was hearing polka music. I mean, I feel bad, but does this mean she's off her rocker?

After a mission or something I guess! I don't really like how Rachel came out, but it's all practise Acrylic on canvas board. About 14 hours. Used this picture from the talented EdgedFeather for re...

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