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A brush head (Pliciloricus sp.) These are difficult to study since their tiny bodys adhear tightly to sediment grains. Most of what is known about these creatures comes from dead specimens. (Animal Earth/BNPS)

Use an old wagon for flowers or other plants! Be sure to drill holes in the bottom so water can drain. I planted impatients in my wagon- so cute! :)

*I like that the image takes up the front of the box* IMAGE PREVIEW BOX TEMPLATES: Brighten Up Prints Charming The fairy godmothers from Design Aglow have waved their magic wands and transformed drab to fab with these Finao Image Boxes. Made especially for Finao'­s line of Seldex Preview boxes, these stunning styles come ready to print. Simply slide images in, save and send for a magical evening at the ball with prince charming-- on a budget that even Cinderella could appreciate…