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Bodypainting&Sfx made with Richard van der Laan and Enrico Lein at JAMvention 2015 Model: Tessa Tessa - Photo: Francesca Calamita

Fantasyshoot 2007 "Succubus" wings made by me Model: Ruth, Photo: Lette Fotografie, Make up & SFX Paintman Richard

SBN Gorincgem 2013 2nd place "Alien queen" Model: Tessa, Photo: Willem Schulte, Make up & Head Piece: Paintman Richard

2nd place DFBW 2012 Theme: underwater world Model: Diana, Make up: Paintman Richard and Will van Wetten

Jamvention 2013 "Evil t(h)ree" Collaboration with Matteo Arfanotti Model: Tessa, Photo: Rob Meijer, SFX Paintman Richard

Photo shoot with theme hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. All SFX no photoshop. Model: Ruth, Photo: Jan van Gemert, Make up and SFX: Paintman Richard

1th time SFX in combination with bodypaint for a photoshoot Model: Diana, Photo: Lette Fotografie, Make up & SFX: Paintman Richard and Will van Wetten