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from Stephanie Blue

Essentials Oils: Natural Aphrodisiacs for Men & Women

Spice up your love life NOW. Essential oils are powerful aphrodisiacs. And tasty, too.

from Salon

Mike Pence is even worse than you think: Trump’s VP pick has a long, disastrous record of opposing LGBT rights

The racist pig selects a racist bigot as his running mate, not a surprise really.

from Engineered Lifestyles

9 Tips for Improving the Happiness in Your Relationship

Replace the words Woman, Her, Wife with 'Man, His/him, Husband'. This equally is applicable on both sides. Care should be coming from both sides, both sides should work to fall in love daily.

"Homophobia is the fear straight men have that gay men will treat them the way they treat women."

He should include some lesbian/bi women too. And transgender people, and pan people...

ORACLEKAILO.COM - Wisdom, Empowerment, & Strategy for overthinking women who WANT IT ALL - as authentically and soulfully as possible. | GLAMOUR x INTIMACY x AUTHORITY

so not true we have to be around them every waking moment to make them feel better!!! lmao love daniel tosh!!

from The Huffington Post

50 Books That Every African American Should Read

I've been on a Naylor kick so far and I love all her books. Def a list worth reading :)