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Becky Grismer. Roots. Roots is part of the series of tree bark figures that are meant to represent some of the individual characteristics shared by trees and humans.Roots represents the common characteristic of both trees and humans having roots. Pine tree roots create the figure’s base, head piece and are found in the body detail. Website

Fading Human Sculptures Made of Iron Nuts

my initial reaction to this piece was "oh wow that's so cool" it looks as if someone took a finished piece and then poured acid on the back of it which dissolved the back and left holes in the front of it which allow light to shine through.

Untitled (2013) by American artist Mel Kendrick (b.1949). Walnut with Japan color, W 4.5 x H 13.5 in. via 1st dibs

Meet the Fantastically Bejeweled Skeletons of Catholicism’s Forgotten Martyrs