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Becky Grismer. Roots. Roots is part of the series of tree bark figures that are meant to represent some of the individual characteristics shared by trees and humans.Roots represents the common characteristic of both trees and humans having roots. Pine tree roots create the figure’s base, head piece and are found in the body detail.   Website

Paper pulp & found object sculpture by Kathleen Girdler Engler

from io9

Sculptures of dying people double as wondrous star projectors

Mihoko Ogaki's sculpture installations are a poetic interpretation of Carl Sagan's assertion that we're all made of star stuff. She sculpts dead and dying figures that beam pinpoints of light from the inside, turning them into the origins of glorious gala

David Altmejd. Untitled 1 (Transitional Figures), 2013. Epoxy clay, wood, thread.

Christiane Lazard | Figure Eight, brass

Yoskay Yamamoto. Sideways, 2012. Mixed media sculpture with hand carved bass wood, 8 X 15 X 8”. from a solo exhibition " joke’s on me … " @ lebasse projects :: china townlos angeles, california

John Dilnot. Bird Boxes. Using clipped illustrations of birds and months he arranges them to create beautiful dioramas within wooden boxes. Dilnot frequently lines the interiors with antique maps and arranges the birds in small flocks, setting them on perpetual cartographic journeys. You can see an archive of John’s work here and some boxes that are still available here. He also sells prints and postcards, just get in touch. Y’know, I was in a terrible New Age band in high school called ...