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Just add a book and lots of free time...perfect.

Just sit and have a cup of tea or coffee and watch the rain and maybe read a book or study in doing so.

crisp-season: autumn leaves~haunted trees

crisp-season: autumn leaves~haunted trees (Dreaming In blue)

The Perfect Evening - reading a good book as the rain pitter patters on the windows. A cup of steaming hot chocolate.

Cosy inside whatever the weather. #SainsburysAutumnStyle

I choose to believe this is a cup of Yunnan Gold tea, perfect on a rainy Autumn morning.

Rain and tea and coffee

COZY COZY - Lindsay Marcella Loving this winter weather! Cozied up in our living room with my favorite home decor. Our chunky knit rug .

Petrichor. Love that. the smell of earth after rain - one the most nostalgic smells, reminds me of the school playground and jumping puddles!

Photo (Dreaming In blue)

I Love that there's a word for the smell of earth after rain . Our sense of smell is one of the strongest memory triggers and the smell of earth after rain is one of the most nostalgic smells.

Perfect night! Via tumblr.which is why I live in seattle because the rain books coffee and tea are plentiful

Book lovers quote "I love rainy days with a blanket and a cup of tea and a book". Change the tea to coffee lol

Have you ever woken up early on an autumn morning? Creeping downstairs as quiet as humanly possibly in order to keep the peace? After you brew a pot of coffee, you sit on a window seat and gaze through the glass, admiring the foggy stillness. The red and yellow leaves blanket the ground, while others hang precariously off of a young maple. Taking small sips from the bitterness in your cup, you realize; this is autumn- the rawest season of all.

misty-autumn: http://misty-autumn.tumblr.com/ (Dreaming In blue)