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The Twelfth Doctor requests that you view these fragments of time and space from my personal archives.

A Tribute to the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) - This is absolutely beautiful." pin now watch later

**Spoilers** A Tribute to the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) with music from Sherlock (Irene Adler's theme). This is amazing. I started crying. The music, my Eleven. I am going to miss Eleven, so so much.

It's Matt's twin!! X

matt and david on graham norton. red chair with matt's look alike named. Saw this episode. SO FUNNY. Davids face, oh my god

Winter of the Doctor by the-untempered-prism.    This made me cry..

He always kept an eternal rose in his pocket. Why eternal? Because he was a Time Lord and he managed to capture this rose in one second, for ever. No one could ever replace his Rose in his hearts and mind.

Matt Smith Directs This Incredible Episode of Doctor Who. This makes me so happy

Matt Smith Directs This Incredible Episode of Doctor Who

Oh my goodness.funniest thing ive ever seen! Matt Smith made (excuse me, attempted to make) a Doctor Who home video. this just makes me love him even more! ~~ Matt Smith's home video

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Doctor Who for fans of Doctor Who images.

David Tennant is crying! Damn you Matt Smith!

Well, at least ONE Doctor got to carry the Olympic Torch. <--- they messed that up., David Tennant should have varied it